About Us

Five Animal Kung Fu is a school like no other. Here, we are like an extended family. It’s a place where you can come at the end of a long and sometimes stressful day and clear your mind for an hour. Recharge your battery and hve a geat time learning new things.

It is Sifu Warren’s intention to train you to become a complete Martial Artists. This means building a solid foundation through the process of stance training, breathing exercises, punches, kicks, blocks & hand strikes. Once this has been accomplished, you will then be prepared to perform the techniques that you will learn while traing with Sifu Warren at Five Animal Kung Fu. Through training with Sifu Warren, you will learn not only how to defend yourself, but you will also improve your level of physical fitness and selft confidence. Here are some of the benefits of training with Sifu Warren at Five Animal Kung Fu.

-Self-defense & offense

-Body Conditioning

-Self-discipline & confidence

-Development of internal energy “Chi”

-Physical coordination

-Flexibility & balance

-Speed & agility

-Development of natural strength

-Relaxation of the mind

-Better sleep

and many more benefits!

Come try a FREE CLASS and experience for yourself why Sil Lum Hung Gar Kung Fu have been around for thousands of years!

-We offer Self Defense & Offense so you can learn to defend yourself & your family.

-Fitness Classes so you can Get FIT, stay fit & feel better about yourself.

-Private Instructions available: Don’t have time to come to a group class? Sifu Warren offers private classes where he will come to you. Email for more details.

– Self Defense Seminars: Want to plan a group self defense seminr? Sifu Warren is your man. Email for more details.