Hung Gar

Hung Gar, also referred to as the Five Form Fist Systerm was created in the 17th century by a student in the Southern Fukien Shaolin Temple by the name of Gee Seen Sim See or “Gee See”. See trained may students over the years however his number one student was non other than Hung Hei Gun. Of all the students of Hung Gar or Hung Gar, the most famous is non other than Wong Fei Hung, who have had thousands of movies made about his life.

The low sturdy stances and the powerful hand techniques are the trademark of the Hung Gar System of Kung Fu. The intense training of stances build up a strong foundation of footwork and increases physical strength. Internal breathing and dynamic tensison exercises will improve the student’s health and build internal strength (Chi). This balance of external & internal training makes Hung Gar one of the most popular fighting system in Hong Kong and China today.

The five animals of Hung Gar are the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Crane & Snake.

Here are some of the benefits derived from each animal:

The movements of the dragon will cultivate your spirit and develop your internal energy (Chi).

The movements of the Tiger will strengthen your bones and help develop your “natural strength”.

The movements of the leopard concentrate on the development of strength, speed and agility.

The graceful movements of the Crane will develope your balance and harmonize your hands and feet. Tranquility and awareness are amone the virtues of the Crane.

The Snake’s energy flows through its body which remains supple. The Snake appears to be soft et strong. Flexible yet firm until the moment it strikes.

These five animals are inter-related to represent the Hung Gar System of Kung Fu.